How To Dramatically Improve Your Cloud’s Health

I recently had the pleasure of moderating a great discussion over at newvem around how to ensure and improve the health of your cloud efforts.


Interview Series Ep27 – Mike Horn of NetCitadel

Mike and I chat about the NetCitadel approach to adopting new paradigms around dynamic security and applying those to existing infrastructure.


HP Logo

Interview Series Ep26 – Christian Verstraete of HP

Hardware vendors of old face an uphill battle in staying relevant as IT takes a turn towards viewing computing as a utility.  Christian and I speak about this shift and how HP views the future.



How To Build A Trusting Partner Ecosystem – HP Cloud

Through a series of announcements made at HP Discover Frankfurt (detail below), HP has signaled that it intends to build, support, and foster it’s partner ecosystem centered around it’s OpenStack-based IaaS offering rather than building supplementary services themselves – even for key services such as their choice of a PaaS solution in ActiveState Stackato .


HP – A Technology Company Divided

Can a top tier technology infrastructure provider who has struggled with integrating even traditional product silos (servers & storage, software, PCs, etc.) pull off the traditional infrastructure vs. public cloud balancing act?  It’s a tall feat – and one that perhaps could be done more rapidly and effectively with a new organization spin-off approach.


Interview Series Ep25 – Pete Cafarchio of DataMotion

Pete and I spend some time speaking about industry privacy regulations in the context of data security as well as how important great service is in the cloud-based paradigm of today.



Interview Series Ep24 – Rob Walters of SunGard AS

Rob and I speak of what makes enterprise needs unique with respect to cloud computing and the SunGard perspective on availability, application portability, standards, and more.



Interview Series Ep23 – Ofir Nachmani of Newvem

How do your cloud efforts stack up against others?  Who is watching your cloud services for anything “out-of-the-norm”? Newvem can assist and can bring together best practices through shared lessons learned.



Interview Series Ep22 – James Strayer of Racemi

Workload mobility from the traditional data center to the cloud can be a challenge.  James and I discuss how Racemi helps solve the problems associated with migrating and converting workloads across data centers and public cloud providers.



Interview Series Ep21 – Gilad Parann-Nissany of Porticor

Gilad and I speak about how Porticor is facilitating cloud-based encryption through a clever use of key combination and homomorphic encryption – allowing more flexible use of your data with third parties.